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Why Use a Travel Management Company?

From team reward trips to incentive travel, PR and marketing journeys to creative team retreats: when you make travel an integral part of your SME, it strengthens your business.

You're a small company, but you're growing. And your staff are travelling more and so, you are still letting them loose booking their own flights and hotels. Why not, you think? Booking travel online is quick, easy and cheap.

Wrong. With Red7's Business Travel Service and Client Privé offering, you can save money, motivate staff, create phenomenal client events, monitor data and gain insight into how your business is working and find out where you need to go next.

Make travel work for your business with Red7's Travel Management Experts

How Red7’S Business Travel Service Works For Your Business

We check you in – so you don’t miss out

Red7 always books your seats or checks you in ahead of time so you avoid getting bumped from your flight. There is nothing worse than not knowing where you are sitting or being bumped which means you’ll miss that meeting… And that crucial deal.

We organise Perfect PR, Press & Marketing Trips

Travel shouldn’t be used to get from A-B. Use it to benefit your business. Red7’s team of Travel Experts and PR experts plan perfect trips to impress your clients and boost your brand. Ask us about how to build your business success by hosting great networking, media and fact-finding trips in the UK and abroad.

Creative Team Retreats

Need a team reset? Get your staff out of the office and take them to a spectacular, luxury destination like Ibiza, Croatia’s stunning Obonjan island or gorgeous Lisbon where you can brainstorm in a stunning environment. Create powerful creative campaigns and social media content that engage your audience and your brand. Your team will return relaxed, revived and inspired.

Incentive Travel – Reward Your Staff with Travel or Travel Vouchers

The most effective way to keep hold of your best staff is to give them a great holiday. Figures show those who receive incentive or reward trips work harder and are happier, delivering up to 20 percent ROI. If a complete holiday is out of budget, Red7 can provide travel vouchers with discounts for bulk purchasing.

Red7 will create a staff travel club for your company—where we will promote special offers, holidays and so forth for employees and their family and friends. One of the key benefits of your own Travel Club by Red7 is the ability for your employees to pay for their holidays in monthly payments (whilst employed by you)—further increasing the chances of retention—a key element of success.  We will apply a bonus system to all they book, that is accrued amongst the Company for you to use on rewards, prizes and incentives—effectively free of charge for your business.

It makes Travel Data work for You

In today’s world, data is king.  Red7 managing your travel requirements provides many benefits, including being able to monitor and track your company’s travel – where your employees are traveling to, how often, and how successfully. This helps management identify  new trends for business growth.

It makes your Business more transparent

All your travel expenditure is managed in a transparent manner, with consolidated invoices and efficiency savings via our strategic partnerships and extensive network.

Work Hard, Play Hard: Enjoy Business Pleasure Class

Make the most of that Friday meeting. Tag some personal time onto a business trip with a team retreat at a luxe villa or a private yacht and fly the family over to join you for the weekend. Red7’s Client Privé experts will arrange everything so you can concentrate on business.

Business trips don’t have to be all work and no fun. Go out for happy hour, try the local cuisine at a recommended restaurant, check out a local event, or meet up with friends along the way. If you’re exhausted and prefer to stay in, maybe a massage or bath with a glass of wine is more your speed. Whatever the case, don’t forget to treat yourself. You deserve it!


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Take your team away on a Red7 retreat