Ian Lucas
Red7 Founder
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The Silk Road by Luxury Train

We asked Red7's travel experts where they want to go next... Ian Lucas, founder of Red7, describes his perfect trip away - a luxury train trip along the legendary Silk Route.

The Silk Road - the ancient route spanning the continents of China, Russia and Europe would be my choice for a dream holiday in 2019. I’d take luxury trains across this old network of trade routes famous for transporting the most opulent and expensive Chinese silks as well as spices, gold, silver and wool.

Xi'an, the capital of Shaanxi Province is one of the oldest cities in China. It the starting point of the Silk Road and home to China's famous Terracotta Army.

The variety of landscapes and sights you see on this trip is extraordinary – from magnificent Russia to the Great Wall of China, the Turkmenistan desert and some fabulous sights in Uzbekistan: the madrassas and minarets of Khiva, Samarkand’s Bibi-Khanym mosque and Bokhara’s bazaars. I’d head through Turkey and up to Venice. It would take in a myriad of cultures, fascinating histories, iconic sights and would be a true feast for the eyes.

I travel frequently – sometimes flying up to five times a week – and the trips are often hurried and frantic. I love the romance and the relative slowness of train travel. A leisurely trip literally taking me across continents, where I can just sit back and relax along the way, is my idea of heaven.