From the outside Rīga seems a quiet and reserved city, but never judge a book by its cover.

Perfect 10

This one’s a perfect 10. Rīga mixes exhilarating group activities with the best of culture, craft beer, entertainment, ticking all the boxes whether you go in the winter or summer. With plenty of premium accommodation and hotels to suit all budgets, great food and super bars, it’s easy to see why the gorgeous Latvian capital is one of Red7’s most popular destinations.

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Destination fact file
Time Difference
Time Difference
GMT + 2
Fly to
Fly to
Riga International Airport
Airport transfer time
Airport transfer time
30 minutes approx.
Chilly winters, balmy spring and autumn, warm summers
Aerial view of Riga center from St. Peter's Church, Latvia
View of Rīga centre from St. Peter's Church


For a reassuring 5 star experience, we’ll reserve for you a room at a luxe hotel, where the rooms all have stunning views over Rīga’s old town and there’s an eco-friendly spa.

The 4 star option is exceptionally good value—there’s a great summer terrace here where you can have dinner and joy a shisha pipe too.

The 3 star hotel is a great option for those on a budget and centrally located too.

Christmas tree and the Dome square in the evening
Christmas tree and the Dome square in the evening


For an experience like no other, challenge your gang to a bungee jump, where you’ll free-fall over the breathtaking Guja River. Or for all the adrenaline rush without the extreme heights, try Rīga’s Aerodium—an epic freefall simulator which uses a vertical wind tunnel to allow you to float in mid-air. At the Akvaparks water park, the rides are terrifyingly tall, but always full of fun. Or head out to Jūrmala beach, a gorgeous seaside resort just 30 minutes out of the city. With eclectic Soviet-era architecture, miles of sandy beaches, pine trees and seriously fresh air, it’s beloved by the locals.

Try an off-road 4x4 experience in the Latvian forest, where professional instructors will take you on a heart-stopping ride over unpredictable terrain, even completing an obstacle course. Get your breath back with a BBQ and then, the bravest can even take the wheel. There’s quad biking in the forests too or a rock climbing experience, where various routes are on offer regardless of previous experience. You and your mates might like to even try the trapeze ropes here.

For a break from the heart-pumping stuffm take a sedate canoe trip through the beautiful old town of Rīga. Or if you prefer paddles after dark, try a Rīga night kayaking experience. Don’t forget your head torch.

The snowy Baltic comes into its own when winter rolls around. For a wild winter weekend head out on a snowmobile safari, racing across the snow-covered Latvian countryside. Or for less-petrol-fuelled (though just as wild) experience taking your gang on a traditional Husky dog sled ride. You’ll need to hang on tight as a team of these seriously strong pups pull you along in the wintery forests at a heart-pumping rate. These weather-dependant tours take place December to March but with snow pretty much guaranteed in the winter months, there’s also skiing and snowboarding for all levels—perfect for an active day before a great night on the town. Or take your party bob sleighing with a breath-taking ride down the Olympic-sized track used by the Latvian national team—it’s the ultimate extreme winter sport.

'The snowy Baltic comes into its own when winter rolls around.'
Husky sledging in Riga


Rīga blessed with a stunning array of bars and clubs. From cocktails to craft beer (Rīga is currently in the midst of a craft beer boom), DJs to live rock, we like the fast-changing party scene here a lot. Why not just put yourselves in the hands of an expert guide who’ll help you explore the city’s best pubs and bars. After soaking up all the nightlife, you’ll end the evening in a nightclub to party til the small hours.

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